Monday, December 14, 2009

KB Gluta Paling Berkesan Kerana ....

KB Gluta Paling Berkesan Di Antara Gluta di Pasaran !

Kyusoku Bihaku has done tremendous research to give you the best formulation available. KB has all three free-form amino acid components l-cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. Apart from this, KB is formulated with NAC and Cysteine, which is another good glutathione precursor. To further complement this one-of-a-kind blend, KB has included a separate bottle of Vitamin C Rosehips. Vitamin C is a great help in amino acid absorption because it aids in its synthesis.

Kyusoku Bihaku is formulated with the optimum dose of NAC that not only boosts the glutathione levels in the body but also makes up for the glutathione components lost during digestion.

Kyusoku Bihaku works best with Pure Rosehips Vitamin C. That's because Pure Rosehips Vitamin C contains 10-100 times more vitamin C than any other kind of food.

Together, Kyusoku Bihaku with Pure Rosehips Vitamin C will give you whiter and younger looking skin faster and more effectively than other oral glutathione products.

Kyusoku Bihaku does not contain rice bran, cornstarch, yeast, soy, artificial color, flavoring or any other extender unlike other oral glutathione products.

Unlike most oral glutathione supplements sold in the market, KB manufactures its own products in JAPAN.



One of the best anti-oxidants is an amino acid called L-glutathione. I'm not alone in considering it one of the most powerful cancer-curbing, age slowing nutrients ever discovered. However, because of the way the body metabolizes and manufactures relates nutrients, glutathione cannot be discussed apart from N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), a form of the amino acid cysteine. NAC RAISES L-GLUTATHIONE LEVELS IN THE BODY, SOMETHING THAT EVEN ORAL SUPPLEMENTS OF GLUTATHIONE ITSELFS CANNOT DO.

------- Dr, Robert C. Atkins'M.D. Vita Nutrient Solution -----------------


Set KB Gluta mmg terbukti berkesan dan menjadi pilihan seluruh Asia...

Kombinasi Glutathione + NAC.... beserta Pure Rosehip Vit C

Menjanjikan kesan yg hebat....

Setanding Injection glutation + Vit C !
016-2200936 ( Mia )
Hanya RM150 STOK sebulan....

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