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SUPERWHITE gluta 1000mg pil Putih No 1


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Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia ( KKM)

Super White Whitening Pills (L-glutathione 1000mg, USA)

The most effective, fast-resulting and health promoting skin whitening pills ever!!!

Wanna lighten your complexion and achieve that flawless and glowing skin
celebrities have?

Tired and confused from choosing which brand of skin
whitening pills best suits you?

Afraid you might get a FAKE one?

Its time for you to try the SUPER WHITE L-GLUTATHIONE 1000mg. Its components are primarily
formulated to achieve a lighter complexion in the shortest period of
time thus promoting good health.

Compare it to other brands and see how
much you are saving Potency wise and Money wise.

SUPERWHITE L-Glutathione is proven to
WHITEN your skin, guaranteed GENUINE ( with SW Hologram) and made in the USA.

SUPERWHITE L-GLUTATHIONE 1000mg is a clasification as food supplement by Ministry of Health imported from USA that contains Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid, and premium grade reduced glutathione

( L-Glutathione Plus L-Metathione ) which is regarded by dermatologists and medical practitioners as the highest grade and safest form of glutathione available in the market today. This "master antioxidant" strengthens the immune system, delays ageing, prevents skin allergies and stress- related diseases, and decreases the production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its dark color.

Continuously take one capsules of SUPERWHITE L-Glutathione 1000mg twice a day after meals, and you will notice your skin becoming whiter, your underarms and bikini line lightening , and your lips turning pinkish in color – in as little as two weeks!

How much Glutathione do you have to take?

It depends on the kind of glutathione you are taking.

You see, glutathione is available in two forms: reduced ( L-Glutathione ) and un-reduced ( Glutathione ) .

According to the Woodlands Healing Research Center in Philadelphia, USA, "glutathione must be in the reduced form to work properly. The un-reduced form is much cheaper and isn't metabolically active." (Source:

Most brands, like the ones flooding the market, are in the un-reduced, thus inferior, form. So even if they claim to have 500mg per capsule, it will not compensate for un-reduced glutathione's inherent weakness.
SUPERWHITE L-GLUTATHIONE 1000mg , on the other hand, contains 900mg premium-grade reduced glutathione and L-Metathione from USA. It is a concentrated, thus more potent, dose which satisfies your daily requirements. It is more superior, in fact, compared to un-reduced glutathione at even double the dosage.

Why is Glutathione important for a healthy liver?

Everyday, chemicals in the form of pesticides, household cleaners, and cosmetic and personal care products, to name a few, find their way into our bodies and must be neutralized by the liver.

Efficient liver function is therefore extremely important to eliminate toxins from both inside and outside the body, including alcohol - the single most toxic substance to liver cells.

To keep the liver healthy, it requires a constant supply of antioxidant nutrients.

One such antioxidant is glutathione.

Acknowledged as the body's "master antioxidant," glutathione strengthens the immune system, delays ageing, prevents skin allergies and stress-related diseases… plus, decreases the production of melanin to whiten skin. It is found in high concentrations in the liver, where it binds to heavy metals such as mercury and lead, as well as metabolic wastes, and transforms them into a form that can be easily flushed out of the body.

It is therefore wise in this modern age of toxic living to constantly replenish our antioxidant defenses and help our liver perform its task to perfection.

There are few substances that match the importance of glutathione in maintaining your overall good health and well-being.

The body’s most potent antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione:

• plays a central role in protecting the body’s cells and tissues by destroying reactive oxygen molecules and free radicals that can damage the DNA and RNA
• activates the natural killer cells of our immune function to strengthen our bodies against disease

Glutathione is so important to our health that lack of it can lead to cell death, accelerated ageing, as well as a range of degenerative disorders like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is therefore wise in this age of toxic living to be constantly aware of our glutathione requirements and replenish this vital antioxidant daily.

Fortunately, there is SUPER WHITE L-Glutathione 1000mg which provides glutathione in its reduced form for greater absorbability and activity.

"Glutathione acts as one of the major detoxifiers in the body, but it must be in the reduced form to work properly.The unreduced form is much cheaper and use in manufacture of gluta soap.

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  1. It works by targeting unstable molecules called free-radicals, and oxidants which causes the cells in our body to be damaged. By eliminating these harsh elements, over-all health will be revitalized, the process of aging will slow down and appearance of the skin will be radiantly glowing.

    L-glutathione inhibits and blocks Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of dark melanin pigments. Continuous and consistent supplementation will result into gradual skin lightening until you reach the skin tone you desire.

    doesn't only bring beauty but also the gift of wellness. It is evident in most scientific studies that these powerful antioxidants like L-glutathione, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid and aids in boosting the body's immune system and fights certain types of Cancer and other Neurodegenerative diseases.

    GLUTATHIONE This amino acid is found in the cell of nearly all living organism on earth, and its primary job is waste disposal. Glutathione is a potent anti-oxidant. It binds to toxin in the liver, the body's primary cleansing organ, and allow them to be flushed efficiently.

    Antioxidants are nutrients or substances that prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. Glutathione is referred to as the ‘Master Antioxidant’ because it recharges all other antioxidants in the body.